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© Ute Reckhorn

© Ute Reckhorn

Lensbaby Field Trip to Flower Paradise with Kathleen Clemons

  • 1 min read

Kathleen Clemons, educator and master of Lensbaby macro and flower photography, came to visit us in Portland this summer. Kathleen was an early adopter of our lenses, and a fast friend. Donna Eaton, a close friend of Kathleen's as well as talented photographer and educator, accompanied Kathleen on her Portland adventure. Some of us at Lensbaby HQ, including Chief Creative Officer & Co-founder Craig Strong, spent the afternoon photographing at a local dahlia farm - and captured the day in the video above.


photo by kathleen clemons

In sharing additional thoughts on Kathleen & Donna's visit, Craig writes:

"Every day Lensbaby HQ is full of some of the best people on the planet. The exceptional characters we get to work with - plus Kathleen and Donna coming to visit our own backyard to photograph dahlias - what a treat!

Seeing Kathleen in action inspired me, not only because of her positive energy and enthusiasm, but I got to see her using her Lensbaby to make magical photos of flowers. Sometimes delving into the process demystifies the end product. Seeing Kathleen in action made the mystery more magnificent. Her photos from that day makes me feel fortunate all over again to have been able to spend an afternoon with Kathleen doing one of my favorite things, making photographs that invite the viewer to visit a beautiful place. What a great day we had!"


photo by craig strong


photo by donna eaton

Photography students of all levels have benefited from Kathleen's photography skills & Lensbaby knowledge over the years. She regularly teaches courses on Lensbaby, macro photography and more at Perfect Picture School of Photography.

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