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© Ute Reckhorn

© Ute Reckhorn

Lensbaby Field Trip at Ron Goldman's

  • 2 min read


photo by Keri Friedman taken with Fisheye Optic

Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we're never at a loss for something amazing to photograph. Recently, several Lensbaby employees took a field trip to Woodland Washington, about 45 minutes north of our HQ in Portland, Oregon, to visit long-time Lensbaby photographer and farmer Ron Goldman. Ron's hydroponic vegetable garden contains over 60 species of tomatos, along with lettuce, peppers (including the hottest variety in existence at this moment) basil, melons and more. But tomatoes are the primary crop here, and Ron puts many, many hours into tending to his plants to make sure they yield the most delicious tomatoes possible. On Saturdays, he sells the fruits of his labors at the farmers market in Vancouver, WA.

Below are some Lensbaby images taken by employees.


Lensbaby Chief Creative Officer Craig Strong takes home a starter plant. (photos by Kirsten Hunter taken with Plastic Optic)


Goldman, Tomato-Whisperer (photo by Drew Stevens taken with Fisheye Optic)


photo by Abbie Kirkpatrick taken with Edge 80 Optic


photo by Matt Pardue taken with Sweet 35 Optic


Carolina Reaper, one of the hottest peppers in existence. (photo by Hilary Freed taken with Edge 80 Optic)


photo by Chris Link taken with Sweet 35 Optic

SONY DSC All of the tomatoes are grown hydroponically inside a green house. (photo by Sienna Skinner taken with Sweet 35 Optic)


particularly impressive tomato, made even more so by the glow of the Soft Focus Optic. (photo by Heather Stewart taken with Soft Focus Optic)


photo by Michael Higgins taken with Sweet 35 Optic


Bumble bees are integral to the pollinating/growing process and live and work in the greenhouse. (photo by Eric Pickel taken with Sweet 35 Optic)


photo by Keith Novosel taken with Edge 80 Optic


Afterward, we had some fun outside the greenhouse. (photo by Wade Houck taken with Sweet 35 Optic)


More silly fun on the farm after our tour. (photo by Keri Friedman taken with Fisheye Optic)