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© Ute Reckhorn

© Ute Reckhorn

Featured Photos of the Week! April 27, 2018

  • 3 min read

Welcome to the Lensbaby Featured Photos of the Week
Street and Landscape Photo Challenge Winners Edition!

For the Lensbaby Featured Photos of the Week, we're sharing our favorite photos from the Lensbaby community. This week, we're showcasing the winners of our Lensbaby
Street and Landscape Photo Challenge.

This week's winners are from Round #4, Reflections and Round #5, Silhouettes. Below each photo you'll find a short explanation as to why the photo was chosen.

Round #4, Reflections:

The story told in this photo is captivating. Seeing the mountain juxtaposed to the campsite really brings the viewer in and creates a scene that is serene and encapsulating.

Great color palette with warm and cool tones mixing together. What really sells this is the use of reflection to complete the narrative-- it doesn't add to the story but it is the story and completes it.

The reflection in the puddle gives away just enough to transport the viewer to this soggy, back alley. The eye is pulled to a bright patch in the clouds that offers the promise of brighter days.

Composing this with the crisp and clear reflection in the water really makes you take another look at this image to figure out what's going on. The bit of velvety softness from the Velvet Trio optic makes it feel like a trippy dream from perhaps another planet.

Round #4 bonus, self-portrait without showing your face:

The skewed angle, the pushed focus on her hair forcing you to look past her hand. The strong contrast and bright black & white, everything is working in harmony-- even the slight eye peeking through.

Great composition and colors in this image that lead your eye nicely from the feet up to the not-face. Nicely done.

The movement created by the blur balances nicely with the statue-like pose of the subject. The choice of black & white helps to bring attention to the patterns in the wood bench, denim jacket, and the clouds.

Photos like these are captivating because we can create a million different backstories about the subject. It’s striking because it elicits emotion and draws you in.

Round #5, Silhouettes:

Solid silhouette with a great contrast and strong composition. The color tone and outline of the figure is perfect for the mood and atmosphere.

The silhouette - and silhouette reflection - pair nicely with the Sweet 35's sweet spot of focus, leading your eye through the frame. The blue hour light here is just lovely as well.

This fun image with a lot of mystery in the shadows. The primary colors stand out nicely against the rest of the image.

Round #5 bonus, One Square Block:

The angle and the strong verticals that lead the viewer's eyes into the frame. The effect pushes the focal point and enhances the leading line and composition.

This photographer interpreted the one square block bonus theme two ways - a photo of a block, on a city block. The red in the image just pops and I think the Fisheye Optic was a fun choice of lens for this shot.

Creative interpretation of the challenge topic, and solid visual storytelling. This image stirs up curiosity.

Find all of the entries by heading over to the Lensbaby Street and Landscape Photo Challenge Flickr Group. Thanks to everyone who participated, and congrats to the winners!

If you'd like to be considered for future Lensbaby Featured Photos of the Week, send your best images to submissions@lensbaby.com, tag #Lensbaby on Instagram and share in our Lensbaby Unplugged Facebook group.