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© Ute Reckhorn

© Ute Reckhorn

Five Fall Photography Ideas

  • 4 min read

As the weather gets cooler and the tree changes colors, many photographers are inspired to get creative and take more photos. Many things can be captured during autumn, from fall festivals to hikes and holidays. Here are five fall photography ideas to help you feel inspired to get your camera out.


Capture the Colors

The fall season is a time when the bright greens of summer turn into golden yellows, bright oranges, and deep reds. Eventually, the colors turn into deep browns, which are really beautiful tones to photograph also. When driving by this pretty pond daily to work, I am always tempted to stop and photograph it once the colors change on the trees. One morning I did just that. I love the golden colors in the trees. I always see the prettiest trees or flowers on the road when driving. What do you see on your daily drive? Maybe you can bring your camera along with you next time.


Explore a New Place


When the weather cools down, it is a wonderful time to hike, simply explore a new place, or just visit the same place you already know but see it in a new way. The fall colors can make a place feel like new. During the pandemic, I discovered the woods in the back of my house, and we explored them a lot. During the fall, the woods looked marvelous in all the beautiful colors. The forest floor was blanketed with the prettiest colors, which looked so nice with the unique Lensbaby blur.


There is a beautiful river in another part of our forest, which was a treasure to discover. In the summer, we love to splash in the water, and in the fall, we love to throw sticks and leaves into the river and watch them float along.


An opportunity to explore a new place always presents itself for a hobbyist photographer or a professional when searching for a new spot for photos. One day when I was searching for a new place, my daughter came with me, and we had so much fun. I played music. We danced and enjoyed the pretty surroundings and a lollipop, too, for some more encouragement. The best find was a pretty bridge with the sunset right over one side. I had my daughter dance right on the bridge so that I could capture the best sunset bokeh.


Capture the Details


There are so many details of the fall that could be captured. The pretty leaf colors, the acorns that fall off the trees, the pretty fall flowers, or the berries that appear in the trees. I think the colors of the leaves are an opportunity to photograph. No two leaves are the same, and each uniqueness is a chance to capture the beauty.



Fall is the time when many trees and shrubs have their berries bright and their seed pods open. These little details are so interesting to look at up close and often make for an interesting photography subject. Sometimes it takes just a little searching to find hidden gems like these.


"I think the colors of the leaves are an opportunity to photograph. No two leaves are the same, and each uniqueness is a chance to capture the beauty."

Capture the Fun


The fall season brings many festivals and favorite holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

It is so fun to capture the kids in their Halloween costumes. What kid doesn't love to dress up?! My daughter could model for me all day if it meant dressing up in a princess dress and crown. It's even more fun when they feel like they have magical powers. I used a Lensbaby Omni filter to create a hazy and dreamy look on the side of the portrait.


Get Creative


There are so many creative opportunities in the fall for photos either outdoors or to bring the outdoors in. My kids love to put leaves in front of their faces for photos. It's so much prettier when the leaves are a pretty color, bright red. Here my son was super silly and covered both of his eyes with leaves, but I ended up liking the photo.


Another idea is to create fall crafts with your kids (or alone) and document the process or the final result. I like to make a leaf crown for my kids and photograph a willing model. This time it was my daughter, and we brought the crown indoors since the sun was still harsh midday. I created a fall-like ambiance by blowing a fan in her hair.


Whichever way you document this change of seasons, don't forget to have fun!



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Magda Stolte

Hobbyist photographer who loves to take photos of her kids and nature. Enjoying the simple things in life.




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