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© Ute Reckhorn

© Ute Reckhorn

Exploring Creativity With Lensbaby's New Sweet 22

  • 3 min read

Beta-testing the new Sweet 22 lens by Lensbaby has been an absolute privilege, allowing me to delve into the world of creative self-portraiture in a unique and artistic way. As a self-portrait artist specializing in conceptual photography, I bring a different perspective to lens evaluation. I am perpetually searching for tools that allow me to express the layers of my creativity. The Lensbaby Sweet 22 has been a delightful discovery in this journey. I am excited to share my feedback and experiences with this enchanting little lens!


Beyond its creative impact, the Sweet 22's compact design deserves applause. This small, pancake-style lens is incredibly light, making it a 'grab and go' kind of tool without the usual bulk. It's been refreshingly easy to carry around, which complements its user-friendly fixed 3.5 aperture, removing the fuss of adjusting settings and allowing me to focus on the pure art of storytelling.

Photography is not just about capturing what you see; it's about conveying the emotions and stories that unfold within the frame, it's a magic elixir of light and shadow that tells tales and stirs souls. The Sweet 22 has proven to be a magic wand in my self-expression through self-portraits. One standout characteristic of the Sweet 22 is the remarkable sharpness within its sweet spot juxtaposed against the surrounding blur. Its wider frame and impressive bokeh capabilities have seamlessly integrated into my toolkit, enhancing my ability to infuse that signature Lensbaby bokeh into my work. This feature alone has been a valuable asset to my creative process.



From the moment I began experimenting with the Sweet 22, I realized that it was not merely a lens; it was a tool that offered me a new form of artistic expression. The wider frame has empowered me to embrace more of my surroundings, adding depth and context to the narratives I aim to portray. The bokeh capabilities of the Sweet 22 also deserve a special mention here. It's not just background blur; it's a place where light and shapes form a doorway
to the fantastical. In my self-portraits with the Sweet 22, the bokeh doesn't just complement the subject; it plays a leading role in the visual storytelling, creating what feels like a portal to another realm. The Sweet 22 has helped me achieve a sense of otherworldliness, with the bokeh guiding the viewer's eye and setting the stage for a narrative beyond the natural world'sconfines. This lens has allowed me to blur the lines between reality and fantasy, making the viewer pause and ponder the story behind the photograph


Each self-portrait taken with the Sweet 22 is an adventure, a step into the unknown where I can play with light and shadow to reveal my inner world. This lens has encouraged me to explore the boundaries of my imagination, creating images that are not just seen but felt. It's not about the sharpness or the blur; it's about how they coalesce to evoke emotion and narrative. For my fellow photographers and Lensbaby enthusiasts, you may find that the Sweet 22 will surprise you with its versatility and the unique character it can bring to your images. As I continue to explore the capabilities of the Sweet22, I am reminded of the creativity that comes from discovery and the beauty of seeing the world through a different lens—literally and metaphorically.



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Sharon Covert


Sharon Covert resides in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. Brought up with a musical background, she taught piano lessons for over 20 years before studying and practicing photography as an art. Sharon has a strong focus on conceptual self-portraits and believes art has the power to heal. She is both enamored and inspired by fairytales, myths, folklore, nature, and all things magical. Sharon's self-portraiture combines anonymity, symbolism, surrealism, otherworldly elements,
and pictorial qualities. She seeks to highlight the beauty in darkness. Like a page from a dark fairy tale in another world and time, Sharon aims to bring the viewer into her magical world. Sharon anonymously uses herself as the subject throughout her conceptual art to express her deepest darkest thoughts and secrets while transporting the viewer to the depths of her imagination. Sharon's work has been published and featured in numerous magazines and juried
art exhibitions worldwide.  


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