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Daniel Peters: Mobile Videographer Experimenter

  • 3 min read

Daniel J. Peters is a freelance director, cinematographer, and photographer based in the U.K. He has shot, directed and edited pieces for clients all over the world. Daniel is an avid mobile photographer and videographer and he took a strong interest in our Creative Mobile Kit. Check out his interview and Lensbaby Mobile video content below.

What sparked your interest in photography/videography initially, which came first?

I got into cinematography, kind of by accident. I used to be a musician, and when we shot videos I usually came up with the concept. When I stopped playing music, it felt like a natural change so I learned cinematography.

Lensbaby - Creative Mobile Kit from Daniel Peters on Vimeo.

Tell us about your interest in mobile camera technology - what drew you to explore iPhone photography/videography?

Using phones that can capture great stills or video is amazing as it's with you all the time, so you never miss a moment.

Tell us about your experience incorporating Lensbaby mobile lenses into your work.

The Creative Mobile Kit is amazing because you can create beautiful images without carrying around big lenses. Your phone is always in your pocket and so is the Creative Mobile Kit.

Stop Stealing Our Trash from Daniel Peters on Vimeo.

In your growth as a photographer/videographer, what has been the hardest thing (concept, piece of equipment, mindset, etc.) to learn that also provided the greatest reward once you learned it?

Patience, haha, and this is coming from a very impatient person. I love moments that are not forced - that are natural - so I don’t just snap away all the time because we live in a fast digital world. Think, wait and create!

What advice do you wish you had when you first started out? What advice would you give someone just starting their photographic journey today?

Gear isn’t everything, you don’t need jibs, sliders, gimbals, etc. to make a great story. Nice gear is good to have, but not always needed.

iPhone 6S Plus with Lensbaby 'Creative Mobile Kit' from Daniel Peters on Vimeo.

Share a moment when you broke the rules of photography/videography and created something spectacular.

I wouldn’t say I broke the rules, but I was on a shoot in L.A. and the client wanted a set piece created for their film. So focus on the brand, stick to the script, etc… However, I shot a b-roll piece without their knowing and was able to create a little short fashion film that I eventually sent back to them. They absolutely loved the piece, so it felt good to bring my creative side out and make something that was my own idea… rather than only feeding off of clients ideas.

How were you introduced to Lensbaby?

I think I actually found out about Lensbaby from Google! I was looking for lenses one day… I think I was searching for an old tilt shift lens, came across your products and bought a Control Freak. Amazing lens, wish I still had it.

Do you have any upcoming projects or events that you'd like to tell us about?

At the moment I have lots of corporate work coming up, next piece is in Dubai…lots of talking first then hopefully creating some nice pieces out there!

To see more of Daniel's work on his website, click here.

Also, follow Daniel on Instagram and Twitter.

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