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Creator of the Week | Jessica Verdière

  • 2 min read

Jessica Verdière

Creators are more than just skilled visual artists. They push boundaries, experiment, take risks, follow their passions, and look for different ways of expressing themselves. Our Creator of the Week series shines a spotlight on the creatives behind the camera, as well as the amazing work they produce.

This week's featured creator is

What do you think about the concept of perfection in regards to creative output?

The term "perfection" does not play a huge role in my work and the work of others that I like. A perfect photo can be so boring. I like the tiny little details of sharpness and the big blur in my photos. Others may not enjoy them, but I like it when my eyes are turned to something special in a photo.

Where do you find inspiration and motivation for your work?

I find my motivation in nature and the calm when I'm outside. I also like to read or look at books from great photographers, and be inspired by the internet - sites like 500px and more recently Instagram.

How did you discover Lensbaby?

I don't remember exactly but it must been in 2016/17. I saw a photo or an advertisement about the

How is the experience of shooting with a Lensbaby lens different than other lenses?

That feeling of having to calm down and look around. Maybe having to change position, search for the right point of focus, make a decision about blur, and compose the photo. Working with an autofocus lens might be faster... but I rarely use autofocus lenses.

What is your current favorite Lensbaby lens?

Very difficult question! The most multi-purpose lens is the

Check out more of Jessica's work on her website, Instagram, 500px and Behance.

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