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© Ute Reckhorn

© Ute Reckhorn

Lensbaby Photowalks - Community, Connection, Creativity

  • 3 min read

To take a walk. It’s a seemingly simple action we all likely do frequently. Sometimes to experience fresh air, to clear our heads, for exercise for us (and our pets), for conversation or meditation. So what makes a “Photowalk” unique and why do we participate in them? Lensbaby has a history of sponsoring Photowalks all throughout the world to promote community, connection and creativity.



At the start of the Photowalk introductions occur. Photographers relate their goals and ideas, their typical genre, their background. This brief beginning helps to relate similarities and sparks conversation. Lensbaby Ambassadors share tips, tools, gear, and special swag to further connect. During a Photowalk in Gettysburg, PA one man brought his young son along. He explained how they shared a passion for macro photography of bugs and were excited to explore the Lensbaby OMNI swag together. It’s the joining and relating that leads to collaboration.



Photowalks are typically held in a centralized location: Think a historic downtown, scenic garden, art museum, urban or forested locale. A place to gather. A place that draws together photographers from the local area. What unites these individuals from all walks of life is a desire to relate to others who observe and appreciate the world around them and aim to capture it with meaning. Participants come with what they have: a cell phone, a film camera, one lens or many lenses, a tripod or sling, a huge bag or none at all. Through a unified interest in photography all walk with curiosity and their individual vision which combines for a richer experience.



When strolling through the chosen gathering place, photographers stop to capture what inspires them. That, in turn, causes other participants to wonder, “What are you capturing and why?” “What drew you to that moment?” During a Lensbaby Photowalk in Winchester, VA I recall observing a participant capturing a

clock tower. That subject was completely not on my radar but when I was directed to it I recognized its intricacies. On another occasion I noticed a group of photographers kneeling down capturing some sweet pups which brought my attention to the importance of these relationships - of connecting not only with your fellow photographers, but all who you may encounter. Personally, Photowalks help me to slow down and observe. My work requires that I often drive through our downtown to the point that it appears the same, yet when I’ve participated in photowalks I notice unique, otherwise overlooked treasures to appreciate. In addition, I tend to pay closer attention to the shadows, reflections and lines throughout my frame that add interest and intrigue to the story of the moment. Lensbaby also provides “Treasure Hunt” prompts to further spark your mind to see the world through which you walk in a new light.


So what are you waiting for? Find a Photowalk in YOUR community (or start your own!). Grab a family member or friend, seek out new places or explore your own town in a fresh way, challenge your creative self, and shoot extraordinary!

Elizabeth Willson

“I find creative passion by envisioning and capturing the world surrounding me and the light that permeates it with the dreamlike, magical, unique focus Lensbabys provide.”

Liz finds joy in light and life. Her inspiration comes from the beauty of the everyday moments, the blessings of God’s amazing creation. She lives in her hometown in south central Pennsylvania with her family where she practices occupational therapy in early intervention, runs, hikes, and bikes in the nearby forests and farmlands, and creates through photography. She explores and expands her vision through creative lenses and techniques to develop art with elements of depth, mystery, layers, curiosity, hope, and storytelling.




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