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© Ute Reckhorn

© Ute Reckhorn

Carol Vipperman | Camera Walking with Sol 45

  • 1 min read
Carol Vipperman & Sol 45

Carol Vipperman discovered her passion for photography ten years ago, and it has transformed her life. Her photos now hang in people's homes, offices, and hotels. Recently, she had the opportunity to try out the new Sol 45.

The Center for Wooden Boats The Center for Wooden Boats

Since I take most of my photos out on walks, I appreciate how light the lens is and its creative features. The Sol 45 has a fixed aperture of 3.5. The lens locks for straight shots, but with a simple twist, you can tilt the lens to move the focus to another part of the subject. For those familiar with Lensbaby's Composer Pro, I found this one easier to use. Another special feature is the bokeh blades. You can move the blades in front of the lens to create texture, or pull them back. This is a very fun feature that I loved over time. Here are some of the photos that I captured during my test runs.

The Center for Wooden Boats The Center for Wooden Boats
Man in cat mask playing the acordian FolkLife Festival, Seattle Center
Boat reflections MOHAI and The Center for Wooden Boats
Old green car Neighborhood Studebaker
Purple flowers Great bokeh without blades
Purple flowers Even better with the blades
Building reflection MOHAI Reflections
Blue boat The Center for Wooden Boats
Orange and pink tulip Spring Tulip

As with most of their lenses, I think that this is a winner for Lensbaby. It combines many great features at an affordable price. Thanks Lensbaby for including me in the test - it was a quite a journey, and I am looking forward to many more walks with the Sol45!

All images shot with Sol 45.

To find out more about Carol and her work, check out her websiteand Twitter.