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How do Burnside 35 and Twist 60 Compare?

  • 2 min read

How do Burnside 35 and Twist 60 compare? Both lenses provide a ton of in-camera creativity and one is not better than the other - which one you choose will depend upon your personal preference. Read on below for a better understanding of each lens.

  • Twist 60 is a 60mm lens, and Burnside 35 is 35mm, therefore giving you different fields of view - you can fit more in the frame with Burnside 35.
  • Twist 60 creates intense, twisty bokeh while Burnside 35 creates more subtle, swirly bokeh.
  • With Burnside 35, you get 4 stops of adjustable vignette, in-camera. So - you can add or subtract vignette completely independent of what aperture you're shooting at by toggling the gold effect slider. Bokeh effect and vignette are not tied together, as they are with Twist 60. Twist 60 does have natural vignette but only at the brightest aperture.
  • Burnside 35 can be very versatile for times when you want little to no swirl, because you can use that gold effect slider to add vignette and draw attention to the center of your image.
  • Burnside 35 is designed to work on both full frame & crop sensor cameras, while Twist 60 is ideal for full frame only. This is because even at the brightest aperture of 2.5, the center area of focus is so large on Twist 60 that most of the twisty bokeh gets cropped out on crop sensor cameras. This is not the case for Burnside 35, making it ideal if you're a crop sensor camera shooter who wants to take advantage of more swirl in your bokeh. With both lenses, bokeh effect is maximized when shooting wide open.
  • Twist 60 is part of our Optic Swap System. If you already own a Composer series lens, you can just buy a Twist 60 Optic and use it in your Composer (we recommend centering it and locking it down with Twist 60 Optic for best results).
  • If you dig flare, Twist 60 creates some pretty spectacular flare - check out Stephanie DeFranco's images below.

Pairs of sample comparison images shot with each lens can be found below.

Lauren Wilcox with Burnside 35

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