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Bringing the Night to Life With OMNI | Andrea Gulickx

  • 2 min read
Andrea Gulickx Lensbaby OMNI

Two years ago I started to work with crystals in front of my lenses. I first discovered the magic of crystals though the chandelier in my office. When the sun shines through the windows, the crystals make beautiful rainbow flares on my walls. So I was very curious to see what would happen if I put one of them in front of my lens. I started to experiment, but it was hard because I had to hold my camera in one hand and the crystal in front of my lens with the other. Last summer it was a very pleasant surprise when Lensbaby announced the Andrea Gulickx Lensbaby OMNI

Andrea Gulickx Lensbaby OMNI

I started to work with OMNI doing macro photography which wasn’t easy. It is easy to get an effect in your picture with the Effect Wands but it is harder to integrate into the picture as it’s not always easy to predict what will happen. After using it a lot in nature I wanted to experiment with it in different ways and places.

Andrea Gulickx Lensbaby OMNI

Andrea Gulickx Lensbaby OMNI

I love going into the city with my Andrea Gulickx Lensbaby OMNI

Andrea Gulickx Lensbaby OMNI
I arrived at the festival knowing that I wanted to look for small lights to use with the Stretch Glass. I discovered while using it that the people who walked in front of the lights gave really great silhouette effects too. I like to experiment with white balance and at some point, I changed my white balance more to blueish colours so it would look more dramatic and have more of a futuristic look. I love working with long exposures so I tried this in combination with the stretch glass and it gave amazing results - I was so happy with it. The big sunflower lights were also amazing. Especially with the Andrea Gulickx Lensbaby OMNI

Andrea Gulickx Lensbaby OMNI

Lensbaby succeeded in surprising me again! OMNI makes your photos stand out more. It makes you more creative and it is so surprising. It is not always easy to work with OMNI, especially in the beginning but it is so much fun! The hardest combination with lenses is with the Sweet 50 because the aperture ring will turn while you’re turning the filters but I love this combination. I think OMNI is one of my favorite tools at the moment and I always have it with me.

Check out more of Andrea's work on her website & Instagram.
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