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Arlington Camera - A Texas Treasure

  • 4 min read

1_Arlington storefront

What are you seeing as a trend in sales?

During Arlington Camera’s 29 years in business we have observed so many exciting changes in the photo industry! While there is always an avid interest in the “latest and greatest” photo gear, we are also seeing a strong return to the basics in photography. People are eager to learn about how to fully utilize all the technology that’s offered in current cameras. They want to learn about lighting. They want to learn about posing and software and so much more! They really are very hungry to expand their knowledge about how to create truly stunning photographs.

As far as specific equipment is concerned, there is a very strong market for the amazing smaller mirrorless cameras that can do so very much these days. Lighting gear is also highly sought after, including everything from the small modifiers to fully pro studio set-ups. Interestingly, we’ve also noticed a keen interest in film and instant film cameras – especially from the younger crowd. And let’s not forget all the lenses and little extras for those cell phone photos. We’re certain the Lensbaby Creative Mobile Kit will be hot on that wish list! 1_arlington flower

What do you think is the most overlooked resource for customers to utilize when shopping for equipment?

Many people tend to look to the internet for their information – whether it be pricing, product reviews, or simply how to use their own gear. While the internet does provide a wealth of valuable information we can’t help but feel that one of our customer’s very strongest and most valuable resources is always the experienced and highly knowledgeable members of our own staff. People to people – it’s a beautiful thing. It’s really tough to beat having a good relationship with a camera store and being able to stop by, email, or pick up the phone and get the assistance you, as a customer, deserve. And if you have a strong ongoing relationship with your store and/or salesperson you might be amazed at how valuable and helpful that can be! Our staff doesn’t have a particular product they wish to support or push you to buy – they simply want to support you and assist you in selecting gear and making wise purchases that will ultimately benefit you.1_Arlington staff shot

What are your customers excited about these days? What inspires them and drives their purchase of new equipment?

Our customers want to be creative and have the tools they need to carry out their ideas. They want to be unique in their photographic approach. They want to express their ideas and individuality in a way that will set them apart from everyone else. So we are constantly on the lookout for gear and accessories that will help them achieve their goal. If you’re interested in underwater photography we’ve got the goods you’ll need. Crazy about all the cool ideas you can implement with a Lensbaby, or a GoPro, or specialized video gear? We’ll do our very best to equip you! Are you a newborn photographer in search of ideas and one-of-a-kind props? We can most likely help you with that, too. We will do anything we can to assist you to be the best photographer you can be! 1_Arlington CFE

What do you see as the most valuable way to educate your customers and help them make purchase decisions?

We believe in helping people get a good start in their photographic education. Whether you want to take great photos of your family, your vacations, or maybe someday even become a professional you’ve got to have ample opportunities to learn!

Arlington Camera has been a long-time strong supporter of the professional guilds and associations in our area. It’s simply something we believe in, but we wanted to take this support a step further and reach people at the very beginning of their photographic journey. As a result of that desire we created the DFW Photo Expo. Yes, we offer many classes and workshops throughout the year, but at the Expo we can give the consumer even more. It is a true photographic exposition in every sense of the word. It’s a weekend where we bring in talented speakers, inspiring models, a huge photographic trade show with tons of exciting products (like Lensbaby!), hands-on demonstrations, hourly door prizes – well, you get the idea. And it’s free to the public. So we’re right back to that wonderful people to people philosophy that we feel has so much value. That’s what Arlington Camera is all about!arlington mug photo arlington concertThis Saturday, 8/15, Arlington Photo will be hosting a photo walk at the Fort Worth Stock Yards. Lensbaby's Kirsten Hunter will be on hand to lead the photo walk. She will have demos of our latest products for participants to try out so be sure to bring your camera! The photo walk starts at 9am and is free to the public, we hope to see you out there! More information here:

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