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Our classic creative effect - a round sweet spot of focus.

Find your edge - get a sharp slice of focus effect

Get your glow on - create an ethereal velvet effect.

Crazy curves ahead - striking swirly bokeh & vignette.

Explore the captivating effects that OMNI can create with this gallery of awe-inspiring imagery.

Sharp spot of focus + beautiful blur. 

Sharp slice of focus + smooth blur.

Radiant edge-to-edge glow. 

Swirly, twisty, striking bokeh.


"It’s like adding rainbow colors to a set of black & white markers."








Ute Reckhorn, a Los Angeles based photographer, started her photography journey in 2012. After picking up her first Lensbaby lens in 2015, she immediately fell in love with its playfulness and the the ever-growing community of Lensbaby artists.


Originally documenting her own family of five, Ute blended her photographic skills with inspiration that comes from 20 years of moving around the globe.With roots all around the world and a deep love for the Californian lifestyle as her inspiration, she creates portraits and landscapes that evoke emotion and a sense of movement.


Lensbaby products allow her to show people and landscapes as she imagines them, not as we see them. She believes that there is no point in making pictures that you can see with the naked eye when you can bend your vision to your liking. Ute’s photography explores unique personalities, nonconforming subjects and represents feelings instead of looks.


When she’s not taking pictures, she teaches photography and offers photowalks in the South Bay Area of LA.



"I don’t need normal. I just need a lens that understands my vision."

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