Obscura Optic

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Lensbaby Obscura isn't just a lens; it's a unique photographic journey back to the roots of photography. It's for creators who thrive on simplicity and redefining art. The Obscura dances between light and dark, offering flares and artifacts impossible with standard lenses. A pinhole is a simple hole in thin material; a pinhole sieve features a central hole with smaller ones around it. A zone plate consists of concentric rings around a central hole, each zone equal to the central pinhole's area. Unlike traditional pinholes, Obscura's elements are robust, crafted with three layers of black chrome on 1.5mm glass with an anti-reflective coating. Its photolithography process ensures true zone plates and round pinholes.

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Artistic Versatility:

Lensbaby Obscura Optic offers unparalleled artistic versatility with its pinhole, zone plate, and pinhole sieve options.

Exceptional Imaging Quality:

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, Obscura Optic's imaging elements boast three layers of chrome on 1.5mm glass, ensuring exceptional image quality and resilience.

Utilizes Composer Pro II:

Please note. In order to use this optic you will need a Composer Pro II. Choose versatility with Lensbaby and our best lens body yet.

Specs and Details

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Reviews from Media

Robert O.

Let your creativity run wild!

"I really enjoy using my Obscura. It gives me so many options and allows my creativity to run wild. I have been using Lensbaby products for a long time and they have never failed to give me the results I am looking for. All that, and really fast shipping too. How can you go wrong."

Peter S.

So Fun!

"I'm having so much fun creating with the Obscura optic! It is well built, and its selectable turret of apertures and diffraction patterns afford long (slow) shutter for creative effects like intentional camera movement, action panning and motion blur."

Jon Sienkiewicz for Shutterbug

Accurate and Precise

"Lensbaby, legendary manufacturer of creative effects lenses, has invented the Lensbaby Obscura, a digital camera lens that accurately and precisely produces the same amazing results of not one but three different pinhole mechanisms."