Liz Devine, Classic Portrait Editorial

Liz Devine Photography Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic lovely ladies twins portrait

Liz Devine is a photographer based in Portland, OR. She's photographed local bands and live performances by Etta James and the Flaming Lips as well as families, kids and editorials. Her recent work includes a series of black and white portraits titled Lovely Ladies. See a sample of her work and hear her explain why she likes the Lensbaby Soft Focus optic.

Liz shoots with a variety of photographic tools in her personal and professional work to help best capture her vision, including an Olympus OM film camera, Lensbaby lenses, Holga cameras, and digital SLRs. She recently used the Lensbaby Soft Focus optic to create stunning, vintage portraits of women that were inspired by classic portraits from Juliet Margaret Cameron and Bill Brandt.

Play the video interview above and listen to Liz talk about her inspiration for Lovely Ladies and the reasons she loves both digital and film photo projects.




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