The Sol 45 | 22 has a magical way of turning the ordinary into something extraordinary! After spending years capturing antique door handles in Hungary, Gizella Nyquist finally found the perfect tool to draw the viewer’s eye where she wanted and blur out the distractions.

About six or seven years ago, while visiting my birth country, Hungary, I started working on a photo thematic. I loved walking on the old streets of the Castle District in Budapest, and I was (and still am) amazed by the gorgeous – mostly antique- door handles many of the doors have there. In addition to finding more ornate and wonderfully unique handles in Budapest, I also captured some in Eger, Kőszeg, and in some other cities. I created some final photos, printed and shared them with a mentor of mine. He wasn’t very impressed… here is one of my old pictures.

This summer (2019), I revisited the topic and some of the doors in the castle, but this time I went with a different lens. I suddenly felt that the Lensbaby Sol 45 lens would do exactly what I wanted to emphasize in my images: the door handles and nothing else. I did not have time to revisit all the previous locations, but I think I have enough images to share with you and have you decide if you feel the same as I do. The Sol 45 is a wonderful lens for the theme I fell in love with. Hopefully, I can capture more handles with this lens in future years.

Post processing was done in Lightroom and On1 Effects, and I used textures on the images.

All images shot with the Sol 45.
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