Trio 28 

Trio 28’s creative power runs deep. If you rotate the optic dial halfway in between any two optics you can create an in-camera double-exposure. You can control how the two images overlay each other by subtle rotations within space in between two optics. Experiment as you look through the lens and see what you can create.

Trio 28 currently comes with a set of 46mm threaded filters – a 3-stop Neutral Density filter, Circular Polarizer, and 8-point Star.

With a fixed bright aperture of f/3.5, this filter is handy if you’re shooting in bright light – it blocks out a few stops of light so you don’t over expose your image. You can also use it if you’re shooting moving water to slow down the exposure and get that smooth painterly look.

Use a circular polarizer to cut down on unwanted reflections (or, enhance wanted reflections!) in shiny surfaces like bodies of water, windows, etc.

Bright points of light take on a bright, 8-point star shape. This filter is a fun creative enhancer for night photography or any scenes in which you have bright points of light.


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