Since May, as part of our Traveling Burnside Project, several Burnside 35 lenses have been traveling around the world. Spending a few weeks with a photographer, and then visiting the next.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the variety of great shots our photographers have taken, showing off both the swirly and vignetting effect, and the versatility of this lens. Check out some of our favorite images this week below.

Thank you

Thank you to all of our wonderful and inspiring Traveling Burnside photographers. We’ve truly enjoyed seeing the images you’ve made with this lens – and are even happier that you seem to love it as much as we do.

As part of the project we asked contributors to record their experience in a shared notebook and print off some pictures to send off with the lens to the next photographer. One of our Fuji lenses made its journey around Europe, then all the way down to Australia, before returning home to Portland.

Lensbaby Burnside 35 pictures

Here are some words from those photographers about the project.

“I really like its versatility – it’s sharp and easy to use whatever the subject. Not every scene requires background swirl and the Lensbaby delivers whatever you are taking.” – Colin Smith

“I loved this project very much and had tons of fun with this lens. I have to admit that I grew so fond of the Burnside, I had to order one.” – Katrin Bechhold

“So much good fun, it made me so creative and so many great pictures came out of it. Before it arrived I had told myself not to fall in love and buy it as I have enough lenses already and not enough money to part with – so I am very glad that it’s my birthday in 2 days, and that this will give me an excuse to buy it anyway ;)” – Mareike Uhlmann

“Being a part of the Traveling Burnside Project has been fabulous. For me learning to use a manual focusing lens was a joy. The added bonus of the swirly background bokeh was awesome.” – Andrew Patton

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