It’s possible to become so familiar with something that even the most beautiful of subjects becomes boring! When this happened to landscape photographer, Joe Porter, he challenged himself to do things differently. Rediscovering his passion for the Scottish countryside, he captured it in a whole new way with the Sol 45 | 22.

I’m almost embarrassed to say that I sometimes find shooting Scotland’s beautiful lochs, glens, coastline, and castles a little repetitive. I have enjoyed landscape photography for many years and have shot these places in all conditions. I find shooting in summer particularly difficult, we either get flat grey skies or bright blue ones, neither of which I find interesting. But earlier this year I bought the Sol 45 and with its fixed f3.5 aperture it has sparked my creative juices. I am really enjoying seeing these familiar places captured in a new and exciting way!

Trying to slow the shutter down with the big aperture has been a particular challenge. I enjoy long exposures with moving water and I’m trying to improve my Intentional Camera Movement technique, so I need to look for better filters than the ones I have that can deliver decent results.



Check out more of Joe’s work on his website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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