Project Disrupt: Marta Anna Løvberg

Marta is a photographer with a background in studio portrait photography, but a passion for ethereal landscapes and outdoor activities. Living in Norway, she points her lens in the opposite direction of others to capture a different perspective. Inspired by her love of nature, she ventured into the forest with the Sol 45, Lume Cube Lighting Kit and Mountainsmith Camera Bag to bring awareness of the plastic trash humans leave behind that is destroying our natural environments.

I’d been thinking about creating a photo series about plastic pollution for a while now, so I submitted this idea to the competition called Project Disrupt. The project was designed to disrupt the usual photographic process, and inspire the photographer to try something different. For this project, Lensbaby teamed with Lume Cube and Mountainsmith to supply ten winners with some equipment to help along the way.

I totally forgot about my submission, so it was a big surprise when I got an email couple of weeks later, that my idea was one of ten they choose for Project Disrupt. One week later I got a package with a Lensbaby Sol 45 lens, Photo/Video Lighting Kit from Lume Cube and a Tan Kit Cube Small Camera Bag from Mountainsmith.

My idea for this project was to focus on plastic trash that I so often saw in the nearby forest. There is a lot of talk about plastic in the oceans, but I feel there is less focus on the trash out in nature that we pass by every day. The trash that we can so easily remove, and that a lot of us choose to ignore. The trash in the forests is often very easy to walk by, mostly because it is tucked away under some branches or leaves. So, I found this big plastic tarp and decided to use it as my model for this project.

I actually took a couple of photos of the plastic before I got the Lensbaby, but something was missing from the images, they were too obvious. That is where the Lensbaby Sol 45 lens came to rescue and gave the photos a totally new look. Put a Lume Cube light into a mix, and you end up with almost dreamy like scenes.

Check out more of Marta’s work on her website, Instagram, and Twitter

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