OMNI Universal Expansion Pack

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The Lensbaby Universal Expansion Pack enhances the OMNI Filter system with versatile effects. Mount flat or cylindrical items up to 1/4 inch thick using four universal clamps, freeing your hands for seamless photography. Plus, it includes two magnetic bases and 11 reflective inserts for creative experimentation. Layer reflections to create ghost images and customize infinity mirrors. Explore endless options with items from craft stores or your purse, held in place with universal clamps. Combine with OMNI wands for layered effects, from subtle to wild. Note: Requires OMNI Filter System.

OMNI Filter System Required:

This expansion pack requires the OMNI Creative Filter System for use.

Customizable Filters:

Experiment with different filters to achieve your desired aesthetic, whether it's adding warm tones or creating ethereal light flares.

Versatile Effects:

From dreamy soft focus to kaleidoscopic patterns, the Expansion Pack includes a range of unique effect wands to add artistic flair to your shots.

Specs and Details

Learn about all the specs and details for the OMNI Universal Expansion Pack and explore its compatibility with today's cameras.

Reviews from Media

Rachelle V.

Great Quality

"Lensbaby does it again! Another great product and great quality! Lots of possibilities for turning the ordinary to the extraordinary!"

Janine B.

Play with Light

"I love all the OMNI offerings, however this newest set has been so fun to take out and pair with my favorite lenses while I play with the light! I love the abstract images I can create with the wands and the larger gels are fantastic at inserting color where I need it - it truly lives up to its Rainbow name!"

Elizabeth D.

So Many Options

"I’ve loved using the universal pack, it gives so many more options for the OMNI. The quality is great and I absolutely love the little storage pouch, I definitely need another one!"