OMNI Rainbow Universal Expansion

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The Rainbow Expansion Pack for the OMNI Creative Filter System, with three glass crystal effect wands and two universal wands with interchangeable effects filters, contains a wealth of options for adding the full rainbow of colors to your creative photography endeavors. This wide range of color effects builds on the very best elements of the popular OMNI Color Expansion Pack with its popular crystal wands and films.

This expansion pack requires the OMNI Creative Filter System for use. The Rainbow Expansion Pack includes large color, rainbow and flexible prismatic filters capable of covering just one element of your frame or the entire field of view of your lens while bringing three one-of-a-kind prismatically coated crystal wands with color effects ranging from subtle to dramatic depending on the crystal and the scene being photographed.

Three glass crystals, five color filters, three rainbow filters and three quilted prismatic filters provide more unique choices of color and fractal effects than any OMNI Expansion Pack to date.

Vibrant Visuals:

Elevate your multimedia experience with OMNI Rainbow Universal Expansion's vibrant visuals. With support for high-definition resolutions and dynamic color range, enjoy stunning clarity and lifelike imagery across all your connected devices.

Enhanced Versatility:

Discover endless possibilities with OMNI Rainbow Universal Expansion's enhanced versatility. With multiple ports and connectivity options, customize your setup to suit your unique needs.

OMNI Filter System Required:

This expansion pack requires the OMNI Creative Filter System for use.

Specs and Details

Learn about all the specs and details for the OMNI Rainbow Universal Expansion and explore its compatibility with today's cameras.

Reviews from Media

Rachelle V.

Turn Ordinary, Extraordinary!

"Lensbaby does it again! Another great product and great quality! Lots of possibilities for turning the ordinary to the extraordinary!"

Janine B.

Insert Color where Needed

"I love all the OMNI offerings, however this newest set has been so fun to take out and pair with my favorite lenses while I play with the light! I love the abstract images I can create with the wands and the larger gels are fantastic at inserting color where I need it - it truly lives up to its Rainbow name!"

Marsha W.


"Beautiful effect!"