OMNI Creative Filter System

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Designed for photographers who crave unique and imaginative effects, the Lensbaby OMNI Creative Filter System lets you play with light in ways that traditional filters can't match. Crafted with precision and creativity in mind, this system empowers you to shape and direct light directly onto your camera's lens, creating dreamlike, ethereal images with a touch of magic. 

The heart of the Lensbaby OMNI system lies in its versatile and intuitive magnetic mounting system. Effortlessly attach prisms, crystals, and other unique objects to the front of your lens, instantly adding depth, texture, and intrigue to your shots. The precision-engineered Effect Wands allow you to seamlessly integrate the perfect amount of blur, distortion, or dreamy bokeh into your photos, while the Crystal Seahorse attachments refract light in captivating ways, adding a touch of elegance to every frame.

Filter Thread: 49-58mm
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Seamless Integration:

The Lensbaby OMNI offers a hassle-free mounting experience, seamlessly attaching to your lens via a universal magnetic mounting system. This intuitive design ensures quick and secure attachment, allowing photographers to effortlessly transition between different effect wands and creative tools without interrupting their workflow.

Intuitive Design:

With its user-friendly setup, the Lensbaby Omni makes experimenting with light and effects enjoyable and accessible for photographers of all skill levels. The magnetic mounting system allows for quick and effortless attachment of Effect Wands

Creative Control:

Lensbaby Omni empowers photographers to unleash their creativity with its unique effect system. By attaching various magnetic Effect Wands in front of the lens, users can manipulate light, create dreamy reflections, and craft captivating images with ease.

Specs and Details

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Reviews from Media

Mihaescu V.

Great Product

"It is a great product. It helps me to be more creative. I have both hands on my camera and I can change my settings on camera easily."

Pam F.

Game Changer

"The OMNI Creative Filter System is a creativity game changer! The ability to move the filters into endless positions, creates limitless possibilities for beautiful and interesting photos. I only wish I had discovered Lensbaby sooner. I’ve been a photographer for many years and Lensbaby has reinvigorated my excitement and creativity for my craft. Using the OMNI Creative Filter System can take an ordinary scene and turn it into an extraordinary photo!"

Jake Hicks for PetaPixel

Easy to Use

"I think this product is incredibly easy to use. Firstly, it’s not like an art lens that requires manual focus skills. Secondly, the OMNI is very much a product that is ‘what you see, is what you get’. You look through the viewfinder, tweak, move, push and pull the filters around until you see something you like and take a shot."