Carol Vipperman discovered her passion for photography ten years ago, and it has transformed her life. She recently took her Lensbaby Velvet 85 out for a spin in her hometown of Seattle shooting everything you’re not supposed to with a longer focal length. Check out the results below.

I love my Velvet 85 lens. I originally bought it for taking photos of flowers, which works wonderfully. I learned later that many use it primarily for portraits. I don’t do many portraits. Instead, I like to choose one lens to take on my daily walks capturing images of cityscapes and other interesting subjects I come across. That is why I was excited to challenge myself to use it for subjects that we wouldn’t normally think were good choices for an 85mm lens.

Walking around my neighborhood, the Seattle waterfront, Pike Place Market, and other places in the city, I found the Velvet 85 a terrific choice. Of course, I had to often back up to get the subject in the frame, but I loved the blurred background and focus. I shot these images either wide open or at f4. I found it an excellent lens for my needs and wasn’t confined by the length. In fact, it made it easier to capture images in the distance.

I plan on taking this lens with me on more of my walks in the future. It is no longer just a “flower” lens for me. Thanks, Lensbaby for challenging us to change up our gear and try different things.

Check out more from Carol on her website, Instagram, and Twitter.

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