Shooting through crystals and other objects adds something truly magical to a photograph! Being able to do this hands-free with the control of the OMNI Creative Filter System creates even more refined and repeatable results. Kelly-Anne Gladwin takes us behind the scenes of her first portrait session with OMNI.

When I saw a friend’s images taken with Lensbaby I fell in love – I knew I HAD to have one. I started out with a Composer Pro ll with Sweet 35 and my obsession was born! The ability to create that dreamy, creamy bokeh with a tack-sharp sweet spot became an addiction. Soon my Lensbaby collection grew and grew but I always gravitate back to the Sweet 35. Being able to isolate my subject within that perfect blur has made my heart happy beyond words.

When I saw that a fractal/prism set was being released, I pre-ordered without hesitation. I’ve dabbled in fractals and prisms and adore the art and light they can bring to an image. But I had never dreamed of creating such refined images as is possible with the OMNI Creative Filter System! When shooting clients I only take my 85mm and my 30mm, so when my OMNI arrived I knew I needed to test run it on a client session. Putting a model call out to your friends is a great way to do this, just in case you screw it up and have to offer a re-shoot. Luckily with the OMNI, it’s damn near impossible to screw up images, in fact, its easier to bring your vision to life than ever before. So I put a model call out and away we went. Venturing into the bush where there is limited light hitting your sensor was the challenge I set for the OMNI. Yes, I could have opened up to F1.8 but wanted to sit at F2.2 for this session. Trepidation crept in as I tentatively screwed on the OMNI mount to the front lens tread, only because of the way the clients/my friend looked at it. It does look a bit different but don’t judge something simply by the way it looks.  I chose my wands carefully (the rainbow film and the seahorse wand) and away we went on a wee adventure.

After my first shot, all trepidation left and my confidence grew. Twisting and turning and moving the wands can dramatically change the mood of an image. The wands move so perfectly and stay put like glue. Let’s talk about the wands for a quick minute – the seahorse is incredible. I get lovely bubbly effects and light coming into my images while also being able to fracture an image and create beautiful rainbows of color. By far my favourite use of this wand is the diffraction to the bokeh. The rainbow film allows me to add in more color and streak it exactly where I want it – every time. The ability to do this without having to be perfectly positioned with the sun is mindblowing. A cloudy overcast day makes beautiful rainbow leaks, night time makes beautiful rainbow leaks, full sun or shade makes beautiful rainbow leaks – you get the idea. The stretch wand I’m still playing with but its a tonne of fun! Streaky diffraction, yummy liney bokeh, the list goes on.

But by far my fav thing about the OMNI is the ability to trick the sensor in the camera and bring more light into my images without blowing anything out. It’s official, the OMNI is not leaving my 85mm and will be a staple at EVERY session I do in the future. Lensbaby and the OMNI have my heart forever and I look forward to creating more unique, fun, and artistic images.

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