In 2004, Lensbaby was born out of a photographer’s frustration with flat, sterile, digital images. We designed a bendable lens to create perfectly imperfect images. You were excited about the Original Lensbaby — but the Lensbaby story continued to evolve.

In 2008, we realized that versatility is a key for creativity, so we invented the Optic Swap System to get multiple effects with one lens.

You appreciated the versatility but craved more control, so in 2011 we added internal aperture blades in our optics and launched a new kind of optic, the Edge. Then, we started to ask, “What if?” yet again.

In 2015, out of the need to bring more emotion to traditional art lenses, came Velvet 56. Our first non-bending, all-metal lens ignited wonder and excitement.

On February 15th we will reveal the modern evolution of a classic lens– a true culmination of all we’ve learned. Discover new possibilities in a versatile lens that may never leave your camera.

Look for the full announcement in just days. Mark your calendar. The Lensbaby story continues on 2.15.18!

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