Lensbaby Manifesto

Stand on a street corner and look around. What catches your eye? Where do your focus and your thoughts linger?

We may live in the same world, but we see things differently. Freethinkers don’t comply with the status quo.

We bend the world to our perspective.

lensbaby manifesto woman in woods sweet 80

Man on paddle board in New York CIty Lensbaby Manifesto Edge 50

girl blowing bubbles with arms rainbow lensbaby manifesto sweet 35 optic

spiderweb between arched flower stem orange lensbaby manifesto sweet 50

fly looks down on city street black and white photography lensbaby manifesto sweet 50 optic

Do you bend the world to your perspective? Download this high-res, printable Lensbaby manifesto poster, and hang it in a place that needs an extra splash of inspiration. Use #LBManifesto to show us where your Lensbaby Manifesto poster is hanging!


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