Susan Currie used the soft glow of Velvet 85 to transform everyday objects into art in this artistic black and white series centered around the concept of time in our busy modern world. Read on to learn more about the ideas behind this creative project.

The concept of “time” immediately spoke to (or you might say, screeched at) me as I wandered downtown West Palm Beach. In our modern world, it is truly a tall order to walk down any city street and not be swept up by speed, deadline and the running down of a clock. With my Velvet 85, I simply went about roaming and recording what that sense of acceleration and demand of time felt and looked like for me over the course of a few days. The lens, a long favorite of mine with its dreamy focus, relaxed the rigidity of our culture’s quest to beat the clock. I tend to set my images to “poetry”, and as I sat back and pulled these images together into a small collection, this idea of time “being” and our “being” just kind of collided into one.

Susan Currie with Velvet 85

All images shot with Velvet 85.

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