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Meg Loeks is a photographer living remotely in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with her husband, four young children, and Saint Bernard dog.

She is drawn to classic portraiture, environmental portraiture, and lifestyle photography. Some of her greatest influences are nature and landscapes, Dutch Masters of light, creative storytelling, and rich color. She loves to find ways to merge different photography genres together, especially children’s portraiture, and nature. Primarily her work highlights soft low light and rich tones. Her overall photography goal is to document her family’s story and exude a sense of timeless nostalgia.

Meg is a mentor and instructor at Click & Company. She teaches two online courses: Mastering Manual Exposure and Finding the Classic Beauty in your Every day. She is also a volunteer photographer for The Gold Hope Project, a non-profit organization that gifts pediatric cancer families a free photo session.

Inside Meg’s Camera Bag

“When shooting indoors, I gravitate towards low light. I love the romantic feel this type of light exudes. The romantic feel is beautifully amplified when using Lensbaby lenses, especially the Velvet 56. I find that my Canon Mark IV, which is the camera I used for all of my images, works extremely well in low light situations with very little noise even at a high ISO. Typically, I will use one single light source indoors, preferably soft natural light from a window. I often manipulate the light with curtains until I have it falling on my subject the way I want it to. If I’m not getting enough natural light I sometimes boost it with a Profoto light by placing it right in the window. Typically my subject is close to the light source for a more dramatic light fall off.

“I gravitate towards golden hour backlight when shooting outdoors. I’m really drawn to the flare and bokeh created by the Lensbaby Sol 45 in backlit situations. As you can see in the bubble image, the Sol created a ring around my subject and colorful bokeh from the bubble machine my son was playing with. Lensbaby also enhances movement beautifully and I tend to encourage movement from my children when using these lenses, especially outside. My son was holding very still in the image of him balancing on his bike in the fog, but it appears as though he is moving from the gorgeous blur of the Sol 45. I do love that I have the flexibility with the Sol 45 to move my focus around unlike the Velvet 56. I’m able to, therefore, get a little more creative with my compositions.”

Meg’s Gear

Cameras: Canon Mark IV | Sony A7III | Pentax ME Super Film | DJI Mavic Pro Drone | GoPro Hero 5

Lenses: Velvet 56 | Sol 45 | Sigma Art 24mm 1.4 | Sigma Art 70mm 2.8 Macro | Sigma Art 85 1.4 | Sigma Art 105mm 1.4 | Sigma Art 135mm 1.8 | Canon 35mm 1.4L

Misc: Profoto B10 & A1 | Burton F-Stop Camera Backpack

Meg’s Favorite Images

Behind the scenes.

Check out more of Meg’s work on her website, Instagram & Facebook.

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