Helena Normark loves playing with light to highlight the beauty in the nature around her. Combined with the Lensbaby Burnside 35, she creates the most breathtaking landscape imagery. Discover where Helena finds her inspiration and what makes the Burnside 35 an ideal lens for landscapes.
Snowy pine trees
Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Helena Normark and I live in Trondheim, Norway, where I work from home as an artist/illustrator. This means that I am fortunate to be able to go out whenever the light is good and my favorite weather is so-called “bad weather”. Nothing livens me up more than being out with the camera in a thunderstorm or snowstorm.

snowy and icy bridge over river

Light over snow covered field

What subject matter do you enjoy shooting?

“Let there be light!” It is not only a wonderful sentence in its own right, but it also forms the basis of my photography. Light, in all its forms and expressions, is at the center of most of my work. I especially enjoy walking around in the forest or the beautiful farm landscapes we have near home. I also enjoy street photography and urban decay.

Light peeking through forest trees

What does creativity mean to you?

To make something interesting from seemingly plain subjects and to not let photography rules prevent you from trying different things.

colorful sunset behind log cabin in snow

When did you discover your passion for visual creation?

It has been with me for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I was always drawing and after getting a camera for my 7th birthday photography became a part of it. However, it didn’t really take off until I got my first DSLR, and after discovering Lensbaby in 2017 it turned into a passion.

Wooden boat in grass

Two ducks in water

Where do you find inspiration and motivation for your work?

Everywhere around me. Certainly dedicated photo expeditions to places of renowned beauty are wonderful, but most of my favorite photos are taken within walking distance from home.

Sunset over a frozen lake

Cube of ice on frozen lake

How is the experience of shooting with a Lensbaby lens different than other lenses?

Being a light addict, the way I can play with the focus to enhance exactly what I see in my mind is wonderful. Also, they make me want to try new things, experiment and just have fun, which is liberating and inspiring.

Red barn in snow

Red barns in snow

What is it that you love about the Burnside 35?

Its rendering is perfect for almost everything I like to shoot and I love having access to the special look (blur or swirl depending on the background and optional vignetting) and its great colors, contrast, sense of depth and sharpness in the center areas. Then being able to get something that’s close to “straight” photos if I feel the scene/subject requires it. That makes it incredibly versatile.

Person walking down snowy road during sunset
All images shot with the Burnside 35.
Check out more of Helena’s work on Flickr and Instagram.

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