Khandie Photography is a UK-based wedding and portrait photographer by day and burlesque performer by night. The Lensbaby Sol 45 has become her go-to creative companion for everything from weddings to boudoir shoots and even self-portraits. Read on to learn why she loves this little powerhouse lens.

The first time I came across the Sol 45 was via YouTube where I saw quite a few photographers using it for fashion imagery and the occasional portrait photography. Its quirky nature appealed to me: so small and yet packed one hell of a punch. I had yet to come across something similar on the market. The photography market is saturated and to quote another photographer ‘saturated with mediocrity’, so I sensed something a little special with this lens.

I haven’t simply been content with just using it for the more ‘edgier’ imagery assignments. Whilst it can easily be used for fashion and nature photography, I don’t want another lens sat in my bag gathering dust to use only occasionally. I have endeavored to use it as much as possible, weddings to boudoir and everything in between. I whip it out at engagement sessions, family portraits and even for my own self-portraits.

At first glance, this lens may appear niche but it’s only limited by your own imagination. My clients love the dreamy feel it can give with the tilt-shift, but also the harsh bokeh lines it can also produce with the blades.

I have worked an entire shoot with the Sol 45, not once wishing I had swapped to a more conventional lens or had regrets over it. The lightweight compact lens is one of the easiest to master for me and I find myself using it more and more. Each tiny movement offers something new and different, no two images are the same.

I want to stand out, not drown in the mediocrity. Lensbaby gives me the dingy to climb in to try and do so.

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