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This week we’re sharing five of our favorite photos shot with the Trio 28 with Filter Kit– on sale now!

Designed for mirrorless shooters only, Trio 28 combines three of our most popular effects – Twist, Velvet & Sweet – all in one compact lens. Simply switch between creative effects using the dial on the front of this 3-in-1 lens. For even more creativity, experiment with the included filters.

Grab Trio 28 with Filter Kit for $50 off until 11/25.

Baby yawning black and white

Iker Muris with Twist effect.

Green mountains

Lucia Griggi with Sweet effect.

Young woman with pink hair

Rachel Shomsky Photography with Velvet effect.

Snow flake macro

Paul Parsons with Sweet effect.

People walking on beach reflection

Janet Douglas with Sweet effect.

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