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This week we’re sharing five of our favorite photos shot with the lenses in our Pro Kit – on sale now!

All the gear you need to step up your game and shoot like a pro. Create images with an edge-to-edge glow with Velvet 85. Dial in just the right amount of swirling bokeh and vignette with the versatile Burnside 35. Make your subject pop, surrounded by twisty blur with the Twist 60. Our most popular stand-alone lenses, in a variety of focal lengths, packed inside a Nanuk™ case.

Save $400 on the Pro Kit until 12/21.

Joe Porter with Velvet 85 and 2X teleconverter

For your chance to be featured send your images to [email protected] with the name of the lens used, #Lensbaby on Instagram, and/or share in the Lensbaby Unplugged Facebook group.

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