Welcome to Lensbaby’s Featured Photos of the Week Series

As we reveal the Lensbaby Manifesto, we’re choosing images for Featured Photos of the Week that help bring the words of the manifesto to life. This week, our theme is:

Our passion is the imperfect.

As the status quo worships perfection, we step back and wonder why. Why would we want to be so trapped? And, who defines perfection? Is there any worth trying to chase the unattainable, pixel-perfect ideal that people we don’t even know tell us we should strive for? And, if we go down that path, what will happen to our creativity? What will happen to our freedom to express our individuality as an artist, to capture the world the way we truly see it?

If you’d like to be featured, send your best images to [email protected], tag Lensbaby on Instagram, and share your stories in our Lensbaby Unplugged Facebook group.

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