• Lensbaby – Creative Macro and Nature Photography – in Germany
    Birgit Franik


    Red Cross center; Room 4 Sparkasse Westmünsterland-Lounge
    Röntgenstr. 6
    46325 Borken, Germany

    When: August 31, 2019

    About the Class:

    Regardless of the theory, this workshop focuses mainly on promoting your creativity with the Lensbaby. The most important parts of an atmospheric macro photo are colors, shapes, lines and above all light, with which you can create your own atmosphere.

    In addition to the handling of the Lensbaby and the way in which it is possible to photograph, technical questions or questions about the basis of photography may of course also be asked.

    Please bring: good mood and writing materials to take notes.

    Weatherproof clothing, possibly knee pad, camera, Lensbaby with a look (Sweet 35 / Sweet 50 / Edge 50 / Edge 80 / Double Glass / Single Glass), intermediate rings, Lensbaby macro converter or close-up lenses. Full batteries and empty memory card. If you have angle finder, bean bag, white umbrella, folding reflector transparent.

    For more info on instructor Birgit Franik: https://www.seh-n-sucht.de/

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  • An Inspiring Child Portraiture Workshop
    April Milani and Helen Whittle – Oct. 27 – Online

    Where: Online

    When: Classes start October 27

    About the Class:

    As a photographer, we want to capture an image that evokes an emotion in us. Being able to convey that emotion can be challenging. This workshop will teach you how to transform your visions into beautiful pieces of art by learning how to interact with your subject, observing your frame, trying new compositions, and using available light. There will be lots of Lensbaby content!

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  • See Through a New Paradigm
    April Milani – Part 1 August 22, Part 2 October 6 – Online

    Where: Online

    When: Part 1 starts August 22, Part 2 starts October 6

    About the Class:

    Is your creativity screaming to get out? Does it pull and twist at you?

    But then the fear of failure stops you from trying something new. It is my hope that this workshop will help you to push past the uncertainty of the unknown. I am going to give you all the tools I use to never let anything stop me. I may not always know what I am doing and how it is going to turn out. That is ok. The joy comes when you push through and create something you never thought possible.

    My theme for this workshop is,
    “Take the known and shoot through the fear of the unknown.”

    I want to show you how to take a photo in your mind before you ever pick up the camera, never be lost for inspiration, never let fear of failure stop you, all this without ever leaving your home

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  • Lensbaby Training Days with Janet Broughton
    Janet Broughton – UK

    Where: Bolton, UK

    When: 1-day training, as determined by Janet & student

    About The Class:

    Are you thinking of buying a Lensbaby but not sure which one to choose? Or do you already have a Lensbaby but struggle to use it well? Why not book a 1-2-1 Lensbaby training experience and let me help! I have extensive experience photographing a variety of subjects with Lensbabies and a whole range of lenses and optics, along with a spare camera, at your disposal. If you would like to have a chat about a Lensbaby day, or book a date, please either call me on 07952 990642 or email [email protected]

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  • Lensbaby Magic
    Kathleen Clemons – Monthly - Online

    When: Monthly

    Where: Online

    About The Class:

    Get acquainted with your Lensbaby and learn how to create beautiful images using it. This 4 week online workshop focuses on getting set up, controlling your Sweet Spot, and learning to See in a New Way.

    Enter this special discount code: LBCLEM and save 10% on the price of the class.

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  • Visual Voice: Cultivating Authenticity in Imagery
    Caroline Jensen – December 31 – Online

    Where: Online

    When: December 31 ,2018

    About The Class:

    Your visual voice is as unique as your fingerprint, and it transcends where you live and even the subjects you shoot. Join Caroline Jensen as she walks through the keys to developing a distinctive voice, techniques for analyzing your own work critically, and guidance for swimming through the sea of influences competing for your attention. From recognizing the impact of our photographer crushes to managing the mountains of advice available online, Caroline will give you a concrete path that will help distractions fall away and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to create images unique to you. This course is not genre specific and all photographic interests are welcome.

    For more information and to register, please visit: Click Photo School

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