Photography is more than a great scene or subject. It’s capturing the mood, atmosphere, and emotion of a specific moment in time. Learn how Cristina Venedict encapsulates a carefree summer festival vibe in these stunning Twist 60 images.
Blonde woman with green eyes portrait

Child's feet on swing

Red tractor and people

What do you enjoy about shooting events like festivals?

I like shooting at festivals because I find that it makes people be real; they show their true self. Festivals bring people together and it makes them be themselves.

Woman in hammock with facial tattoos

Couple embracing

What do you try and capture?

There are special moments when people are one with the music and the place. Those moments are so beautiful, it would be a shame to not capture them.

I like shooting everything that catches my attention. I often like to anticipate a moment I want to capture and let it develop naturally, then capture it at just the right time. There are certain moments when there is unity between the people, the place and the music. Then everything is perfect from my point of view.

It fills me with energy and spirit when I have a beautiful story to tell, and the people in that story are connected in such a way that they can’t be disrupted.

Couple dancing in the mud at a festival

Man dancing in the rain at a festival

People lying in the mud

Do you have any favorite images? And why?

Yes, I have many but I will talk a bit about this one. This beautiful moment between a couple, they’re not young, but they have such a beautiful relationship. The harmony between them, the music, and the place is wonderful and hard to top in my opinion.

Couple embracing black and white image
Much of your work is fine art portraits and other shoots that would typically be planned ahead. How is the process for this type of shoot different?

I think that festival photography is related to portrait and even fine art photography. For me, photography, in general, should convey an emotion, and the whole composition should match my tastes and style.

Even with portraits, when sometimes it’s difficult to pick a theme and choose a model. It should all come together naturally, beautifully – where the model is one with the place and the theme.

At first there might seem to be a huge difference between these styles, but in my opinion, they are related and both need to convey emotion.

Couple embracing at festival

Mother and daughter embracing

People sleeping at a festival
Are there any challenges you encounter at these types of shoots?

I like to use Lensbaby, even though they are manual lenses. Because they are manual focus, you don’t have to press click so often, and you also have to be present to anticipate the moment in order to create the perfect shot.

Because festivals have lots of people, things can happen. Like when you are ready to take the picture and other people might walk in front of the camera. Sometime people will also feel that they are being photographed and it will change their mood.

Mother and son embracing

French bulldog in straw

Old man sitting under a tree

Which Lensbaby lenses do you use at these events? And why?

I usually use Twist 60, it is a lens I very much like. I’ve also used Edge 80 and find it very playful. I will definitely be using it more often.

Young girl with her face painted

Young boy

What other items would you have in your camera bag at this type of shoot?

Batteries, they are very important! Especially since I work on live view and it drains my battery faster. Other than that, a lot of enthusiasm, love of people, love of nature and everything that surrounds us.

Girl sitting at festival

Boy sitting underneath a tree

Woman with facial piercings

All photographs were shot with the Twist 60.

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