Optic Swap Intro Collection

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The Optic Swap Intro Collection is perfect for photographers who are curious about stepping into Lensbaby and would like to experience the two most popular Lensbaby creative effects in one Collection. The Optic Swap Intro Collection Includes a Composer Pro II with Sweet 50 and Edge 50 optics, Small Optic Swap System Case, and aheavyweight Lensbaby lens cloth. Experience our two most popular optics in one Collection; the Sweet 50 allows photographers to highlight their subject in a sharp sweet spot of focus surrounded by dreamy blur. And the Edge 50 creates an edge-to-edge slice of focus effect in any direction, enveloped in smooth, gradually increasing blur.

Optics included:
Sweet 50- A 50mm f/2.5 Optic
Edge 50- A 50mm f/3.2 Optic

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Comprehensive Starter Kit:

The package comes with a Composer Pro II lens body, both Sweet 50 and Edge 50 optics, a small optic swap system case, and a heavyweight lens cloth, offering a complete setup for creative photography.

Versatile Creative Effects:

The collection includes two popular optics: Sweet 50, which creates a sharp focus surrounded by dreamy blur, and Edge 50, which provides a sharp slice of focus edge-to-edge.

Step out of the box:

Get in-camera creative effects immediately with full control while using the Composer Pro II

Specs and Details

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Reviews from Media

Michelle P.

A Must!

"Adding this to your Omni collection is a must. I love that you also included a prism and fancy glass to give a newbie something to get their feet wet with"

Jason C.

Quick Swap

"I am grateful to find this also fits my Composer Pro in addition to my Composer Pro II. Makes adding Omni to the lens swap system super quick."


Impressive Optics

"I’m really impressed with the build quality as well as the optics.The images are what I imagined and more. And the lens are easier to use than what I initially thought."