Welcome to the Lensbaby Street and Landscape Photo Challenge

Do you want to take your photography to the next level? Are you looking to hone your craft? Want to win prizes and gear from Lensbaby? Here’s your chance!

It isn’t too late to participate in Lensbaby’s biggest photography challenge. This is the last round of the Street and Landscape Photo Challenge, so we are expecting great images.

Sign up here!

This final challenge, Silhouettes, will run from March 14 – March 26th. Shoot and share a Lensbaby image incorporating the challenge theme. How you interpret this prompt is up to you.

Want to take your journey one step further? Go for the bonus! Additional prizes will be awarded.

Silhouettes bonus: One square block.

Contest Guidelines

  • Each challenge assignment will last for the specified time period. Then we will move to the next assignment until we complete all five.
  • Images are not to be pulled from your own archive. The point of the challenge is to create new work. Images not shot during the challenge window will be disqualified.
  • Images must adhere to the given theme. Each theme is simple. Be creative. Respond however you feel inspired, as long as there’s a clear connection to the theme.
  • Images must be shot with a Lensbaby lens.
  • One image per photographer per challenge, plus one additional photo per photographer if you choose to accept the bonus challenge.
  • We ask that each participant make a commitment to enter an image for each assignment. If you didn’t enter the first challenge, you are still eligible to win our bi-weekly prizes although you won’t be able to win the grand prize.
  • Participating in this group means you are okay with your image(s) showing up on Lensbaby.com, in our newsletters, and on Lensbaby social media feeds including Facebook and Instagram.

Challenge Calendar
March 14 – March 26: Silhouettes. Bonus: One square block
Week of April 2: Winners announced

Helpful hint: If you’re having issues viewing or joining the group, try using a browser other than Chrome.

Join the Lensbaby Challenge Flickr group to sign up.

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