Photography is a dance.

Discover how the aim of photography isn't precision or perfection

It's wonder.

© Stephanie DeFranco

Composer Pro II Sweet 80 lens


Composer Pro II with Sweet 80

Bring tack sharp focus to your subject and fill the surrounding area with compelling, streaky bokeh with this 80mm f/2.8 tilt lens.


Lensbaby Velvet 85 lens


Compose impressionistic masterpieces with a velvety glow, or crisp-film like aesthetic. Use its macro capabilities to capture significant details.

© Lucia Griggi


Convenience meets creativity in this mirrorless lens - rotate a dial to choose between Twist, Velvet and Sweet

© Stephanie DeFranco


Free your subjects from their background on full frame, with delicious twisty, swirly blur.


© Ana Rosenberg

Use the Deluxe Creative Mobile Kit to create Lensbaby’s unique effects on your mobile phone. SKU 8871, LM10, LM20, LM30.


Deluxe Creative Mobile Kit

Play with Lensbaby effects with the camera you always have on you.


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