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“Existing users will no doubt appreciate the additional refinements that the Composer Pro brings to the table, and the Sweet 35 at last offers a different perspective to the existing optics. For photographers looking for something a little bit different, with a very different look and creative approach compared to conventional lenses, they're well worth a try.”
-- Andy Westlake,, 2011
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"My bottom line is two-fold. For the amateur photographer, [Spark] is a great lens if you've already mastered the technical aspects of your camera, and want to focus on the creative side. For either heavier or lighter photographers it is a great way to rediscover the fun & light side of photography, without worrying about "pro" equipment."
-- Guy Prives,, September 2012
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"The Lensbaby Spark is certainly a fun lens to use. It can take a while (or a certain frame of mind) to achieve results that you'll be proud to share, but once you get into the flow anything's possible. Combined with the right subject and light, Spark does indeed spark the creativity and well worth considering. Its round aperture is perfect for really clean bokeh and something that would normally cost far more to achieve."
-- Peter Bargh,, October 2012
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Professional Photographer Magazine

"Shooting with this lens opens the photographic perspective in a satisfying way. In that aspect, anyone who can afford to get one and learn to use it will see an improvement in his craft and get a low-impact crash course in the Scheimpflug Principle. Wedding and portrait photographers have long been fans of Lensbabies, and this one is impressive. This optic is likely to attract a slew of new users as well, due to its robust construction, ease of use and, well, loveliness...For anyone waiting for Lensbaby to build a truly beautiful lens, this is it."
-- Curtis Walker, Professional Photographer Magazine, 2012
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  "... so far, I really like what I see. While you could argue that all these effects are available in post via various plug-ins, there’s nothing like being able to see it in the field. It probably seems a little expensive to some of you but once you use it, I think you’ll agree it is worth it. Highly recommended."
-- Scott Bourne,, 2012
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Tyson Robichaud Photo-blography

"The Lensbaby system has grown leaps and bounds over the last few years to include more serious optics and add on tools.  Where at first it was merely a cheap way to get into tilt photography, it now has some more really cool, quality options."
-- Tyson Robichaud, 2012
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The "baby" part of the name Lensbaby gets overlooked. But with each new baby, there's an excitement that's hard to contain. The possibilites -- as with any baby -- are unimaginable. You simply have to live with it to find out what your photography will become. The Edge 80 adds another internal aperture lens to the Lensbaby family of optics, one with a mild telephoto range ideal for portraiture but also designed for closeups. It's one more bundle of joy from Lensbaby.
-- Mike Pasini,, 2012
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"Lensbaby is a company that's resolutely pursued its own path since it first started making 'selective focus' optics for SLRs about 8 years ago. Its lenses offer a distinctive low-fi aesthetic, with a 'sweet spot' of sharp focus that can be moved around the frame. Over the years its product range has expanded and increased in sophistication, but the basic aim has been the same: to provide a creative alternative for photographers who sometimes find technically-perfect images to be uninspiring."
-- Andy Westlake,, 2012
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"The true proof is in the pudding, so just mount the device on your camera and see what you can do. All I can say is that it’s a trip worth taking, and while it is not something you’d want as a steady diet it sure is a refresher course for the eyes."
-- George Schaub, Shutterbug Magazine, 2011
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"If you have the extra bucks to spend, the Composer Pro's smoother operation definitely makes it worth it over the original Composer, and if you want to use it for rotation while shooting video, you pretty much need the Pro model. Either way, if you're a creative shooter--or are looking for a gift for one--a Lensbaby certainly increases the experimentation quotient for a reasonable price."
-- Lori Grunin,, 2011
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"I recently got my grubby paws on a Lensbaby, and ever since, I’ve been a complete convert. I recently spent 4 days exploring Madrid, and despite of having a lot of expensive glass, I ended up only using the Lensbaby lens throughout the whole trip. "In its simplicity, it is actually an extremely powerful lens, which not only offers a level of artistic and photographic freedom which I haven’t experienced before or since, but it also offers a deeper level of insight into the deepest roots of photography. By instinctively starting to grasp how you can bend a lens one way for one effect, and another for another effect, you develop as a photographer. "I, for one, know I’ll never want to be without one of these things in my photo bag. It really is that good."
-- Haje Jan Kamps, and
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"These two new additions [The Fisheye and Soft Focus Optics] to the Optic Swap System expand the Lenbaby family in exciting new ways. If you've already invested in a Composer, either of these optics makes your decision look even brighter. And if you've yet to enjoy this innovative system, there are two more compelling reasons to try it."
-- Mike Pasini
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Sports photography is a field normally captured by the telephoto lens, emphasizing the action but not the athletes persona. Photographer Axel Heimken's dynamic shots and portraits set him apart from the competition. To capture his unique perspectives, Heimken uses a selective-focus SLR lens called the Lensbaby: "The Lensbaby lets me extend my creative range and capture a more abstract kind of dimension, the concentration that happens in the critical moments of a game."
-- from Digital Photo Pro magazine
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"The Lensbaby Soft Focus Optic is an interesting addition the the Lensbaby line. The soft focus effect is quite controllable by using either the standard apertures or the multi-hole apertures. Creative Lensbaby photographers will welcome a new tool in their bag for the pretty modest price of around $80-$90."
-- Bob Atkins
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"Often Mark and I shoot things slightly out of focus, even in our feature projects, to lend the images transitional texture. On this project we sometimes used a Lensbaby to get a similar effect."
-- Eric Schmidt, in ICG Magazine
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Upon the release of the Lensbaby 3GPL, I was immediately intrigued by the possibilities of macro photography in HD… It’s extremely easy to use. The unit played well with the Pro35 adapter, and I was able to make fine exposure adjustments using the Pro35’s built-in iris, in addition to using the Lensbaby Waterhouse stops.
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"If you own an SLR and have a single ounce of creative curiosity in your body, you should probably think about trying out a Lensbaby. I bought myself the Composer as a birthday gift a year and a half back and it’s crazy fun."
-- Charlie Sorrel, Wired, 2011
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