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Innovate in the moment and connect with your subject with Lensbaby on your camera.

We can help renew your artistic passion by giving you the tools to create your vision "in-camera" and capture the moment as it’s happening.

Not sure which Lensbaby product is right for you? Try our Pro Effects Kit - it offers a perfect, simple combination of Lensbaby products to suit all of your portrait needs. Put the Composer Pro on your camera with the Sweet 35 Optic for a sweet spot of focus at that perfect environmental portrait length of 35mm. Swap the Sweet 35 for the Edge 80 Optic and get a slice of focus at a classic 80mm focal length. The Macro Converters help you get in close for detail shots too. 

Or, check out the other  Kits  we offer to  help get you on your way to creating unique, creative portraits your clients will love.

Click on some of our inspiring images to view larger versions. You can also find a full gallery of portraits here.

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