Comparing Optics

What Are the Differences?

The Edge 80, Sweet 50 and Sweet 35 Optic all offer a unique way to create portraits.  But what are the differences between the three optics?

Edge 80 Optic

The Edge 80 Optic is an 80mm flat field of focus optic that when used with the Composer Pro can produce a tack-sharp slice of focus through your image.  When pointing the Composer Pro with Edge 80 Optic straight ahead there is no Lensbaby effect  - it's just like shooting with a traditional 80mm portrait lens.  Tilt the lens to manipulate depth of field and give your image a slice of focus bordered by blur. Check out the Edge 80 hub to find out how versatile the Edge 80 is.  Use our interactive diagram to place the slice of focus anywhere in the frame.

Notice below that the slice of focus is aligned vertically with the subject while creating a beautiful shallow depth of field surrounding her.

Sweet 35 Optic

The Sweet 35 Optic has a 35mm focal length and features  more of a traditional Lensbaby look with a spot of focus surrounded by a soft blur.  It can produce a brilliant bokeh effect and add a dreamy textured look to your photos. Play around with depth of field by simply rotating the dial on the front of the optic to choose your aperture.  

Sweet 50 optic

The Sweet 50 Optic also gives your images a spot of focus surrounded by soft blur.  This focal length is just about right for any everyday situation.  Choose your aperture by deciding how much Lensbaby blur you want in your photo.  The photo below displays a generous amount of blur with the subject's face in tack-sharp focus.  The Lensbaby effect is great for conveying a sense of motion in an unique and artistic way.

Move in our your subject and decrease the amount of Lensbaby effect by choosing a higher aperture. This photo below has less blur, meaning the photographer chose a higher aperture, like f/5.6 or f/8.    

The main difference between the Sweet 50 and Sweet 35 optics are the focal length, below you can see comparison images shot at the same distance for understanding. 


photo taken by Hilary Freed with the Sweet 35 Optic
photo taken by Hilary Freed with the Sweet 50 Optic