Incredible Lensbaby Black Light Video

Italian filmmaker Stefano Pasotti flexed his creative muscles in producing Ex Nihilo, a short film loosely interpreting the Big Bang and the creation of the Universe. He utilized the Lensbaby Double Glass Optic and Macro Lens Kit to create the film's surreal otherwordly effects. 

Tune in to an Exclusive Podcast

We’re excited to announce the launch of Lensbaby Radio, where you can learn tips and tricks, and listen to in-depth interviews with innovative Lensbaby shooters. First up: Lensbaby inventor Craig Strong tells you how and why he invented the first Lensbaby lens. Check it out today.

Best of Lensbaby Video Reel

Our brand-new must-watch video reel showcases the best of the best in Lensbaby time lapse, music videos, short films, fashion promos and home movies all shot on DSLR and professional motion picture cameras. Be inspired to get out and shoot your own videos, learn more about Lensbaby for filmmakers in the movie studio or share what you create with us by tagging your video on Vimeo. Your video might just end up in our next reel. 

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