Pro Spotlight with Patrick Shipstad

photo by Patrick Shipstad

How does LA photographer Patrick Shipstad set his work apart in a competitive landscape? Learn how he uses Lensbaby and other tools to help spur his creativity and success in our latest blog post.

Lensbaby Intensive: Creativity Unleashed

photo by Charles Needle

Join Lensbaby photographer Charles Needle at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops as he takes you through a myriad of topics, including: focus-bracketing, controlling depth of field, using Lensbaby to create round bokeh; methods of achieving subtle distortion; and using the Lensbaby to shoot video.

You will also have the opportunity to experiment with Lensbaby products yourself, making use of a variety of locations in and around Santa Fe’s picturesque environs. There will be plenty of demo units on hand, so there’s no need to worry if you don't currently own a Lensbaby. Get out of a photographic rut and expand your creative vision! Find out more here.

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