Movie Maker's Kit

The Lensbaby Movie Maker's Kit is a complete creative solution for professional filmmakers looking to add unique effects to their film, in-camera. Conveniently packaged in a rugged Pelican case, this kit contains two of Lensbaby’s flagship lenses with native PL mounts for use on professional motion picture cameras - including the ultra-smooth and refined Composer Pro PL with Sweet 35 Optic, as well as one Canon EF mount lens for use with Canon’s line of HD DSLRs.

The Movie Maker's Kit also includes a wide range of interchangeable optics and accessories designed to provide filmmakers with limitless aesthetic and creative options at a variety of focal lengths.

Bend the Composer Pro PL and the Composer Pro to move the Sweet Spot or Slice of focus, and then rotate the focusing ring to bring your subject into focus. It will automatically stay in its bent position. To bend and swivel the lens more easily, simply loosen the locking ring at its base. Tighten the locking ring to keep the lens in position for longer or repeated exposures.

Focus the Muse PL by compressing the lens manually. Sweep the Sweet Spot around the frame by tilting the lens. You can bend and compress the Lensbaby Muse freely for spontaneous, selective focus effects to create unique and imaginative footage.

With the exception of the Sweet 35  and Edge 80 Optics, use the Optic Swap Tool to pop out your optic and drop a new optic into your Lensbaby lens. To change your aperture, simply touch the tip of your Magnetic Aperture Removal Tool to the aperture disk and lift it out. Then drop a new aperture disk into the front of the lens.

Use the 37mm threads on the Double Glass, Single Glass, Plastic, Pinhole / Zone Plate and Soft Focus Optics to screw on the accessories.

Music video by Josh Nussbaum

Fashion promo by Thomas English

Lens demo by Thomas English

Short film by Chris Milk

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Photographers can mount the full range of Lensbaby's 37mm threaded accessories onto the front of the Double Glass, Pinhole / Zone Plate, Plastic, Single Glass, and Soft Focus Optics including our Wide Angle and Telephoto Conversion Kit, and 0.42x Superwide Angle Lens, along with 37mm step up rings, filters, and hoods. The Lensbaby Creative Aperture Kit 2 can also be used with these optics on the PL mount lenses.


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