Movie Studio

A history of success

Lensbaby lenses have been used in award-winning films and television shows, like The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and House. And year after year, Lensbaby products have won awards, from still photography magazines like Professional Photographer, Popular Photography, American Photo, Digital Photo and more. With the increasing awareness and interest in our lenses for motion picture cameras, Lensbaby is pleased to expand our line of unique camera products into the realm of motion picture making. Tell your story in the moment, in-camera with Lensbaby's innovative system of lenses, interchangeable optics and accessories.

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Curious about using a Lensbaby for video with your DSLR? View a short film by director Chris Milk filmed entirely with Lensbaby lenses on the 5D Mark II.

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Get behind the scenes details on the amazing work that Directors, DPs, and Cameramen are creating with Lensbaby lenses.

JAY HUNTER - Director of Photography

Jay served as Cinemtographer for Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing. As a long time Lensbaby shooter, Jay has used Lensbaby lenses on numerous television shows like the FOX series Dollhouse.

STEFANO PASOTTI - Director & Post-Production

Stefano is an Italian filmmaker specializing in post-production and 3D graphics. He runs a video production company and frequently uses his Lensbaby for music video work.

TOMER BAHAT - Commercial & Music Video Director

Tomer Bahat is an Israeli based filmmaker, music video and commercial director. An enthusiastic adopter of DSLRs for filmmaking – Tomer’s work is characterized by technical innovation and dynamic visuals.

CLINT MILBY - Producer & Writer

Clint is the publisher of and a regular contributor for magazines such as HDVideoPro and He has worked for Warner Bros Television and the Academy of Arts & Sciences.

THOMAS ENGLISH - DP and Steadicam Operator

Thomas's music video, commercial and television credits include projects for Burberry, Nike, Nintendo, Juliette Lewis, Natalie Imbruglia, James Blunt, and numerous projects for the BBC.

MICHAEL RAGEN - Director of Photography

Michael's credit list includes projects for Nike, HTC, Mercedes, Microsoft, and music videos for Grizzly Bear, Portugal. The Man, Damien Jurado and Royksopp.

CHRIS MILK - Director and Photographer

Chris has numerous music videos and television commercials to his credit including videos for Kanye West, U2, Green Day, Audioslave, Modest Mouse, Gnarls Barkley and Arcade Fire.

ERIC SCHMIDT - Director of Photography

Eric's film credits include I Melt with You and The Mechanic. He has also shot music videos for Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, Band of Horses, The Flaming Lips, and Beck.


Composer Pro PL & Muse PL Behind the Scenes

Check out how Director of Photography, Thomas English operates Composer Pro PL and Muse PL on a RED camera behind the scenes at a fashion shoot.

Learn more about Composer Pro PL and Muse PL.


Optic Swap System and Accessories Comparison Reel

Lensbaby’s Optic Swap™ System lets you experiment with creative effects from behind the lens. Pop in one of our distinctive selective focus optics to place your subject in a field of soft blur—or swap it for a fun fisheye or romantic soft focus optic. Discover new limitless artistic options.

See more Lensbaby in motion in the Movie Gallery

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