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Scout  is the only Lensbaby lens that does not bend - making it perfectly suited for our fun, affordable Fisheye Optic.  

The non-bending Scout ensures that your fisheye images will always be perfectly centered.

The Scout comes with the Fisheye Optic installed. 


  1. Adjust your camera's diopter for your eyesight.
  2. Replace your normal lens with the Scout.
  3. Set your camera to manual or aperture priority mode.
  4. Rotate the ring to focus.

Download Scout User Guide PDF

Download Fisheye User Guide (PDF)



  • Available in mounts for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony Alpha A, Pentax K, and Olympus 4/3
  • Focus Type: Manual
  • Ships with the Fisheye optic installed
  • Compatible with the Lensbaby Optic Swap System
  • Size/Weight: up to 2.28” (5.79cm) high x 2.61” (6.63cm) in diameter/ 8 oz (226.8g)

There is no electronic communication between the lens and the camera body.

Fisheye Optic Specs