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Pinhole / zone plate - need to focus?

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Pinhole / zone plate - need to focus? posted by MarkusF February 08, 2009 09:55AM reply | quote
posted by MarkusF
Hello -

I just upgraded from a Lensbaby original to a Composer. In addition to the standard optic I also bought the pinhole/zone plate optic.

My question - when using the pinhole/zone plate do you still need to use the focus ring at all or doesn't it make a difference? From my initial test run I have to say it's pretty darn hard to see anything through the viewfinder.

On a side note - wow the new packaging is great. The Composer seems very solid, I love how the new aperature rings are labeled, etc. Big step up in quality and presentation. Can't wait to get the hang of this sucker a little more.

- Mark
Re: Pinhole / zone plate - need to focus? posted by igorsv February 08, 2009 08:45PM reply | quote
posted by igorsv

The focus ring will adjust the focal length slightly (zoom like effect). However, there is no need to focus on the subject.

Re: Pinhole / zone plate - need to focus? posted by joe r February 24, 2009 03:55AM reply | quote
posted by joe r

At f/177 the pinhole has depth of field to spare, but at f/19 with the zone plate the position of the focus ring can effect the resulting image in some cases. I'm planning to do some controlled focus testing with the zone plate to determine the optimal focus ring position for most shots.

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