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optic swap system

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optic swap system posted by marcelasbip January 11, 2009 01:33AM reply | quote
posted by marcelasbip
I have a Lensbaby 3G. For Xmas I received an Optic Swap System/Pinhole/Zone Plate. I can't seem to swap the lens. Is this Optic Swap system only compatible with the new Composer lens? Or maybe you have some tips for me?
Thanks, Carol M.
Re: optic swap system posted by tigrovaya-lilya January 11, 2009 01:55AM reply | quote
posted by tigrovaya-lilya

it should be compatible with the muse and control freak as well...

Olya S.
Re: optic swap system posted by ScottM January 11, 2009 01:59AM reply | quote
posted by ScottM

Optic swap system is not compatible with the 3G. You need one of the new lenses, composer, muse or control freak.
Re: optic swap system posted by ranfoto January 12, 2009 05:16PM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

Update: The optic swap system was not designed to fit the older 3G Lensbaby, the vintage type Lensbabies were designed to be used with the optic they came with .

But if you don't mind hacking your old Lensbaby and learn how to adapt your own optics then they can in fact become Vintage Swappers.

Having already hacked my 3G before the advent of the new line of Optic swapping Lensbabys, I decided to see if the new LB swap optics would or could be installed in the Vintage Benders .

The real answer is yes, in fact if you hack the 3G they drop right in !

Now the disclaimer......the new swappers won't be able to use the fine focus mechanism, as it's part of the integral 3G lens system and has to be removed to install the swap optic.

If you aren't into mechanical fiddling, inventive with making things, or don't want to mess up your wonderful Lensbaby .....then go no farther ..STOP !

This is a hack, so adaption will be needed to keep the optic from falling out and yes it's the same with the Original and 2.0 .

My advice ! Just go buy a new line Lensbaby, Muse, Composer, or the soon to be released Control Freak ......you'll be much happier then messing with adapting the Vintage Benders because removing the retaining ring is not for anyone without the correct tools for the job .

Why .....because the finish will be destroyed without the proper tool to remove the retaining ring .

The 3G only needs the tiny front screws and the fine focus removed for this hack, but if you ever want to use that 2.0 optic back in the 3G, then you will have to remember how it all came apart and not destroy any of the focusing parts.

Be warned .....hacking is for very Bent imagemakers, so don't blame me for telling you it "Can" be done ....you can also turn your digicamera into an IR sensor too, but will it work well ? Depends on your skill as a hacker...right ?

Now you know, FrankenBenders will be roaming the landscape and the village people will not be safe again !

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