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The original with Canon Rebel XTi?

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The original with Canon Rebel XTi? posted by meghuzzah December 15, 2008 01:22PM reply | quote
posted by meghuzzah
Hi! I just got my Lensbaby Original (same as 2.0?) and I can't figure out how to attach it to my Canon Rebel XTi. The pieces just don't add up. Am I missing something? Is the original not compatible? Thanks for any and all help! I can't wait to start using this little guy.
Re: The original with Canon Rebel XTi? posted by ranfoto December 18, 2008 06:14AM reply | quote
posted by ranfoto

Meg: Lets start from the beginning .

!. Does your Lensbaby in fact have the correct mount for your Canon camera body ?

2. The LB "Original" is not the same optic as the 2.0, but they use the same type of body to hold their different optics so you can focus them.

3.The Rebel uses the Canon EOS mount, earlier Canon cameras used a different mount, but I doubt that's your problem.

4. So take off a lens that fits on your camera body and compare the mount to the Lensbaby you have. If the spacing is not exactly the same, then you Lensbaby will not fit your Rebel body .

5. Show us some close up pictures of you lensbaby and maybe we can figure out what mount you do have !

6. All is not lost as there are adapters to fit Nikon lenses to Canons, Sony lenses to Canons, Screw mount lenses to anything, etc ......the problem will be that you might have some difficulty getting back focus if the adapter is too thick.

The decision will be then to shorten your lensbaby bellows to get infinity focus .

Or you make just want to sell what you have and buy the correct Lensbaby for you camera ......there' plenty of Canon Lensbaby's for sale on the secondary market, you just have to figure it out on what you do have first .

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